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Its a twitter thing :)

I do wonder sometimes, would I get those wonderful friends in my real life as I am experiencing now in my life if I had stuck with those non-social sites as I was used too with ?? .... and realize, NO I would never. Thanks to twitter, these marvelous friends of mine are the greatest boons of Twitter.  I was a shy kinda' guy from my very childhood, I used to be limited with only few friends of my choice which I feel was so vacant then. We didn't have access not only to Internet but computers too. In this fast pace world, one can barely believe the situations, while we were happy with our own stuffs, far beyond web and technology.  I was brought up to Kathmandu, a city of dreams for every Nepali pupil, by my own creed. I happened to get enrolled into a renowned Higher Secondary school at its times. I was introduced to computers as something for amusement as described by some of my friends studying as physical science studies where Computer education would be a co