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SUINA KARNALIKA (सुइना कर्णालीका)

As per the 'Khash' language used in the most remote Zone of Nepal "Karnali" which says the 'Dreams of karnali' as being played in the Rimal Theatre, Aarohan Gurukul, Old Baneshwor suggests the high moral depicts of the people in those reason. As dreams are unlimited and non-bounded, we may dream of something very much uncommon and imaginary, though we dream a dream of happiness yet memorizing. A silent hit to the present insensible movements of the stakeholders to the reasons seems to be presented in quite funny packages. Its a dream dreamed by a villager/his grand daughter while they were travelling back to their home (on the way) at a stop-by. A dream that sounds a miracle though immense. A vague dream of Karnali being the supreme power(state) in Nepal, even Nepali Prime Minister seeking help from the Central Minister of Karnali. Karnali here defined as the state full of successes using all the natural herbal resources exporting to the foreign lands and earn